Friday, January 20, 2012

Our Choices

Here are our choices. Its pretty hard to get an idea what the house will look like. (Trust me I've Googled EVERY possible search term) Enjoy taking a peek at our choices.
The Elevation
We chose "Elevation C" (on the left side) We like the peak on the left side with our partial stone.
The Floorplans
We decided with the optional fireplace (arrow) and the optional morning room. (arrow)
This is our upstairs floorplan. The arrow indicates where our Laundry Room will be.
The Colors
Our partial stone will be "Aspen Stone"

A. Front Door-Naval Blue

B. Shutters-Dark Blue

C. Siding - Island Pearl



A. Tahoe Cherry Cabinets by: Timberlake "Portfolio" collection

B. Hardwood flooring throughout the Main Floor

C. Handrail color

D. Carpet color selection throughout the 2nd Floor

Right under the letter D is our Flooring selection for the bathrooms.


A. Our countertops: Antique Mascarello by Formica 180fx

B. Cabinets Again

C. Hardwood Flooring


We think 210 will look something like this when it's finished. (minus the elevation)


Thursday, January 19, 2012

Welcome to Our Blog

Hi, Friends! We've decided to start a blog to document our lives as we enter our busiest year ever. After getting engaged in September, we have decided to build our very first home. We cannot wait to build our Ryan Homes Sienna, which is scheduled to be finished in May! Stay tuned to see what happens when you plan a wedding and build your first house in the same year.

Maegan and Chris