Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Landscaping 2013

We spent the Memorial Day Weekend landscaping. Ryan Homes gave us a "starter" landscape, but i hated it. Everything ran downhill, so I decided i wanted to level everything out. A small retaining wall seemed to be the best way to go.I went to Home Depot to buy my landscaping rock for the retaining wall. I used 130 block for around 32 feet. The largest part of the wall is 2 1/2 feet. I also extended the landscaping past our light post (which everyone else already has).

Before pictures
I used stone from when the next door was excavated. I didnt know the stone would completely deteriorate after time.

Day 2

Almost Finished Project
We have some more to plant, but this is the almost finished product.
The tree to the left is a weeping cherry.

And of course
Before & After



Friday, May 24, 2013

Interior Paint

We had a friend that is in the Painter's Union help us out. Im definitely glad about our decision because we didnt realize how much time and effort would have to go into painting the whole bottom floor. All paint was through Sherwin Williams. They matched the paint we wanted, which is called "Revere Pewter" from Benjamin Moore.

Storm Door

We purchased our storm door through Home Depot. It is an Anderson 3000 series. It has a slef storing screen and has double line etched glass.  Its amazing how much we have already used this. It's great for some more natural light.


New backsplash

Im doing this backwards, because we painted the house before the backsplash. But here is an all picture post to the process of our backsplash. If you're looking to do this yourself, it cost us a little over $900 to do through Home Depot. Other installers were a little cheaper, but after applying for a Home Depot Credit card, we were able to get a 10% discount on everything.

...and the Before/After pictures